Considering how effective is CBD oil for horses? Horses are also mammals, just like humans. Thus, it’s possible we share many similar medical conditions.

Horses experience arthritis, anxiety, stress, pain, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and seizures. All these medical conditions can occur in humans and other mammals because all mammalian bodies have universal similarities in anatomy, biochemistry, metabolism, and physiology.

Lately, cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining attention as a highly effective and safe medicinal supplement that is capable of treating different medical conditions and promote balance to any mammalian system. You will be surprised at how CBD oil for horses can benefit your horse.

Can CBD oil help horses?

Given the popularity of CBD and how it is used to treat different animals, you may want to know if your horses can benefit from CBD products and you will want to get the best CBD oil for horses in order to treat any ailment.

Before deciding if you can benefit from CBD oil for horses, it will be good if you get to know about CBD, how it works, and how your horse can benefit from it

What is Cannabidiol

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, and CBD falls under a group of chemical compounds referred to as cannabinoids. Naturally, all mammals produce certain cannabinoids and cannabinoids that exist naturally in the body are referred to as “endocannabinoids” (Anandamide, 2-arachidonoylglycerol, 2-arachidonyl glyceryl ether, etc.). However, CBD is considered to be a phytocannabinoid.

Phytocannabinoids are derived from external sources (outside the body). A good example of a plant with high phytocannabinoids is hemp. This plant is usually grown and harvested because it contains a high amount of CBD. Most studies are focused on CBD and THC because they are believed to have more medicinal value than other cannabinoids.

CBD and The Endocannabinoids System (ECS)

Endocannabinoids are produced by the body to interact with the ECS, a system found in all mammalian body. The ECS plays important roles in the body and is responsible for maintaining balance in several important systems in the body (such as anxiety, stress, pain, etc.).

The body sometimes finds it difficult to keep up with the production of endocannabinoid, leading to an unbalance in the ECS. The term “endocannabinoid deficiency” is used to describe the unbalance in the ECS.

Fortunately for humans and other mammals alike, the unbalance in the ECS can be countered by taking phytocannabinoids (CBD, THC, as well as other useful cannabinoids). You can increase the number of cannabinoids in the body by ingesting CBD; this will counter endocannabinoid deficiency. Once this deficiency has been corrected, the natural balance of the body, known as homeostasis, is restored.

How CBD oil for Horses Works

Horses have an Endocannabinoid system, just like all mammals. The ECS consist of two main receptors, CB1, and CB2 receptors. The CB1 receptors are found mainly in the nervous system of the horse while the CB2 receptors are found mainly in the gut and immune system of the horse.

An interesting fact is that an ECS is found in almost all animals, including primitive species with only a few basic anatomies. According to biologists, the sea-squirt is the most basic animal with ECS and cannabinoid receptors. This primitive species evolved and developed this physiological system about six million years ago

Know you know that cannabinoid receptors and ECS are found amongst nearly all species in the animal kingdom. Therefore, taking CBD will have similar effects in humans the same way it would in other animals. Another good thing about CBD is that it is well tolerated, highly adaptable, and efficient at treating different medical conditions your horse may suffer from.

cbd oil for horses

How CBD Oil for Horses Will Benefit You and Your Horses

A lot of mammalian ailments can be treated with CBD oil. CBD treatment is pretty similar and effective across the mammalian species because it has a similar mode of action in the body of mammals. CBD oil for horses can be used to treat the following conditions:


One of the most common health conditions horses are likely to face in their lifetime is arthritis. And horses that are more active are more likely to have this condition.

According to, “Recent estimates show that approximately 60 percent of lameness problems in horses are related to Osteoarthritis.” This condition occurs as a result of chronic and persistent inflammation that causes permanent cartilage deterioration in the joints.

Cartilages are easily degraded by chronic conditions such as arthritis since there are softer than bones. Thus, arthritis in horses can be a devastating and painful condition that can reduce the horse quality of life. Note, there is no cure for arthritis. CBD oils for horses, however, can effectively treat the condition as well as the inflammation and pain associated with it.

Gastric Ulcers

Horses suffer from gastric ulcers at some point in their lifetime, about 90% of horses will have this condition. There is no clear evidence why this condition is prevalent in horses, but the condition can be difficult to treat.

Equine gastric ulcer syndrome is the official name for gastric ulcers in horses, and the condition can be painful and disrupt the health and wellbeing of the horse. So can CBD oil help horses with this condition? Absolutely. CBD oil for horses can be used to treat ulcers effectively because of how it interacts with the ECS, particularly the CB2 receptors found in the gut of mammals.

Ulcers occur as a result of bacterial infections that are efficiently controlled by a healthy immune system; so CBD for horses can encourage a healthy gut by increasing the efficiency and efficacy of CB2 receptors in the gut.


This condition is also common in horses caused by inflammation of the tissues found within the horse’s hooves. Hundreds of this condition are diagnosed by horse vets on a daily basis. Basically, laminitis is quite similar to arthritis because it is a chronic inflammatory condition, and causes a lot of distress, discomfort, and pain. This is true since the condition takes place in the hooves, making it almost impossible to attach horseshoes. Just like other inflammatory diseases, CBD for hoses is very effective in treating laminitis


This condition is common in most mammals (humans included, especially young children). Colic as a chronic inflammatory condition in the gastrointestinal tract of the horse. The cause of this condition is not entirely clear, but it probably involves an imbalance of healthy bacteria in the gut (gut flora). Colic can result in pains in the abdomen and bloating; both of these symptoms can be treated effectively with CBD oil for horses.


Desmitis is an inflammatory condition in the ligaments of horses (more frequent in the coffin joint or legs). CBD oil for horses can be used to treat these conditions as well as its symptoms, just like other types of inflammation

Allergies and Skin Conditions

CBD oil for horses can also be used to treat allergic reaction and different skin conditions associated with auto-immune disorders or inflammation. These include hives and pruritis.

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Additional Benefits of Using CBD oil for Horses

Other positive health benefits of CBD include:


Inflammation is basically a natural response of the immune system. Loss of function, heat, pain, and redness are common inflammation symptoms. Chronic inflammation can result in permanent damage. CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory medication, especially when taken daily.

Auto-immune Disorders

Auto-immune disorder is quite similar to arthritis; they happen when the immune system attacks its cells, resulting in chronic inflammation throughout the body, the joints especially. CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory, so you can use CBD oil for horses to treat this condition.

Aches and Pain

Response to pain is controlled by the ECS in the body of mammals. CBD reduces pain and aches in the horse body by interacting with the ECS. Pain and inflammation are birds of the same feather, and CBD is effective against both of them.

Different Types of Cancer

Because of how CBD interacts with the ECS in mammals, it can boost the immune system of a horse naturally, mainly by modulating CB2 receptors. This makes it possible for your horse to fight off cancer more effectively as they emerge. CBD is effective against cancer and is also capable of treating side effects that may arise from using conventional cancer medications.

Anxiety and Agitation

A lot of reasons can be responsible for negative emotions in Horses, noise from traffic, predator phobia, fireworks, or change in environment. Just like mammals, CBD interacts with the ECS in horses and is effective against anxiety and agitation.

Appetite and Blood Sugar Levels

Horses can also suffer from conditions associated with uncontrolled diets such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. By interacting with the ECS, CBD can decrease or treat these conditions. CBD can also help balance certain hormones, maintaining a healthy appetite level.

Seizures and Epilepsy

The ECS regulates the whole nervous system; thus, different types of seizure disorders can be treated effectively with CBD. You can also use CBD oil for horses to treat or decrease muscle tremors and spasms.


The body maintains its natural state of homeostasis through CBD. Homeostasis is a balance between internal physical and chemical conditions in a living system. Thus, it’s more effective when you use CBD oil for horses as a supplement that’s integrated into your horse’s daily diet. Since taking CBD is not just linked to a single benefit, it gives room for your horse to achieve a general state of homeostasis.

How Safe is CBD oil for Horses?

CBD is completely safe for all mammals. Besides being effective, this medication or supplement is well-tolerated and gentle when taken. There are some situations where taking CBD may cause some minimal side effects, such as:

  • Increase or decrease in appetite
  • Mild agitation and/or restlessness
  • Mild gastrointestinal distress and/or temporary diarrhea
  • Slight fatigue and/or drowsiness and/or fatigue at high doses
  • A decrease in blood pressure
  • Increased thirst due to a dry mouth


cbd oil for horses

However, the above symptoms are not common. Most horses may not develop side effects, and if they do, it will eventually stop as your horse’s body adapts to the CBD supplement. These side effects with fade off as soon as your horse system has integrated CBD oil properly into their day to day functions. Besides, the benefits of taking CBD is far better than the occasional side effects.

However, CBD is totally safe for consumption, especially if you buy it from a trusted and reliable company that subject their products to rigorous testing. CBD products or supplements are constantly tested for:


Testing for potency makes sure that every product you buy contains the right dosage of CBD oil. By monitoring the dosage and potency of CBD oil, horse owners can now treat their horses safely and effectively.


CBD oil for horses is derived from the hemp plant. Just like every other plant, hemp plants are cultivated and harvested.

All CBD supplements produced by Holistapet are 100% organic. This means Holistapet do not use pesticides in the growing process at any point in time, making their products completely natural and safe.

Residual Solvents

Manufacturers make use of carbon dioxide extraction process to extract CBD oil from the hemp plants. This is a safe method of production that leaves no traces of toxins or harmful chemicals in the final products.

Most of these tests are performed by reliable third-party companies to obtain certificates of analysis (COA’s) for the different products produced and sold.

CBD Oil for Horses Dosage Recommendations

You need to work hand in hand with your vet when administering CBD oil for horses. This is essential if your horse is on another medication. Besides taking precautions, CBD is completely safe, and it has no overdose effects. If you happen to give your horse above the regular dosage, then it will probably sleep it off.

Although administering CBD to your horse is safe, you can experiment to know the exact dose to administer. You can use any of the two formulas below to know the right dose to give to your horse.

Standard Dose

The regular dose for every pound of body weight is 1/4 milligram or o.25 milligrams. This dose is suitable for mild intestinal problems, mild aches and pains, mild agitation or restlessness, ailments as a result of old age and to stimulate your horse’s appetite. You can also administer this dose to encourage overall health and wellbeing by maintaining homeostasis.

Strong Dose

For a strong dose, administer 1/2 milligrams for every pound of body. This dose is suitable for chronic or acute pain, seizures, severe arthritis, serious muscle tremors and spasms, serious vomiting, severe agitation, various cancer types, and serious gastrointestinal issues.

Also, by following the chart offered by the manufacturer, you can determine the best dose to administer you your horse.

Now you know how you and your horse can benefit from CBD oil for horses, I strongly advise you get one to improve your horse quality of life. For the Best CBD oil for horses, you can go for Holistapet CBD products.

For more information see also our CBD dosage guide.

Best recommended CBD Oil for horses  is made by company HolistaPet. Visit their official website through the link below:

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