Unfortunately, we as pet owners, don’t have the power to protect our little companions from diseases like cancer, arthritis, and so on. It’s very difficult to detect cancer in dogs until it gets to a stage where the condition has spread and infected other parts of the body, causing discomfort.

The good thing about this is that hope is not lost. The development of cannabis-based medications like medical cannabis, hemp seed oil, and CBD oil for dogs with cancer is becoming a common treatment option for pets down with cancer, seizures and chronic pains among others.

A lot of dog owners are using CBD oil for dog cancer either to treat or prevent this condition in their pet. However, it’s important you know a little about cancer, the type that affects dogs, traditional treatment options, as well as CBD, and how you can use CBD oil for dogs cancer

Cancer is a common condition in dogs. It is the leading cause of death and accounts for nearly 47% death in dogs, according to the Veterinary Cancer Society. The type of cancer that affects dogs include:


  • Skin cancer: This condition is very common in dogs. However, most skin cancers in dogs are benign.
  • Head and Neck: Dogs are more likely to develop mouth cancers. This condition is malignant, and normally requires quick diagnosis and aggressive treatment. Dogs may also develop tumors in the nose or neck. Mouth cancer symptoms include bad odor, bleeding, abnormal growth on the gums, while symptoms of nose cancer include bleeding, difficulty in breathing and facial swelling.
  • Mammary gland: This condition is common in female dogs. About 50% of breast cancer cases in dogs are malignant.
  • Lymphoma: This condition is called lymph nodes cancer, characterized by an unusual enlargement of the lymph nodes (one or more). Lymphoma in dogs can be severe and aggressive, spreading quickly to different parts of the body.
  • Bone: Dogs over seven years of age and large dogs breed are prone to bone cancers. This condition can affect the leg bones. Lameness, chronic pain and swelling are the common signs of bone cancer.
  • Testicle: Dogs with retained testicles (testes that may be lodged between the abdomen and the scrotum or the abdomen) are susceptible to cancer of the testicle (testicular cancer).
  • Abdominal Tumors: This cancer type is also common in dogs, but early diagnosis is usually difficult. Weight loss and/or abdominal swelling are the common signs of abdominal tumors.

Traditional Treatments of Dog's Cancer

Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation or a combination of the three are the common treatment options for cancer in dogs. The type and stage of cancer will determine a suitable or exact treatment type.

Your vet will develop a treatment plan after diagnosis based on the condition of your pet. In some situations, vets usually recommend surgery to remove part or all of the tumor, if possible.

However, some cancer cases requires chemotherapy or radiation or a combination of both. The exact type of radiation or chemotherapy also varies depending on the nature of cancer and your pet’s overall health.

cbd oil for dogs cancer

Chemotherapy- understanding the risk involved


You may be extremely worried and not comfortable with chemotherapy if your dog is suffering from cancer. The side effects of this treatment option are quite minor for some dogs; they may be sluggish, weak, demoralized, and so on.

The effect of chemotherapy, however, can be very severe for some pets; they may suffer from:

  • Reduction in white blood cells
  • Gastrointestinal conditions like loss of appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • Skin irritations (such as inflammation, ulceration and swelling) can happen if the chemotherapy medication, during injection, leaks outside the vein. However, this is not common.
  • Minor loss of hair. Most dogs will get only surer minor hair thinning. Some breeds like Shih Tzu, Lhasa apso, Puli, Old English Sheepdog, Poodle, Schnauzer, and others are more likely to suffer hair loss.
  • Nerve pain also called Neuropathic pain.

Have at the back of your mind that the severity of the side effects your dog may suffer during chemotherapy varies.

Cancer Treatment Using CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

There is no much research available to describe how CBD or CBD products like CBD oil for dog cancer works to improve cancer symptoms in the body; however, there is research that shows how CBD can kill cancerous and tumors cells in animals.

A 2009 published research carried out by some Spanish researchers revealed how THC (a key component in CBD oil for dog’s cancer) eliminated brain cancer in mice successfully. THC caused the cancerous cells to self-destruct, causing existing tumors cells to shrink substantially. The same result was achieved in human patients – the only difference is that only CBD was used for that particular trial, and it was also as effective as CBD oil in treating cancer.

In addition, CBD also prevents metastasis, which is the spreading of cancer to different parts (bloodstream included) and it usually signifies that the last stages of this condition are near.

Currently, there is no clinical research that shows exactly how CBD works in treating cancer in dogs; however, there is plenty of compelling testimonials and evidence from people who used CBD oil in treating their pets. According to them, it worked faster and better than traditional treatment methods

How CBD Oil for Dogs Cancer Works

Although we came to know about the healing properties of cannabis over the years, cannabis, such as hemp oil and cannabis oil, has been used to treat illness for centuries.

Cannabis is very potent, and as more states are trying to legalize the herb, a lot of research about this herb is being conducted to confirm its effectiveness in treating certain diseases, cancer included.

The idea or thought that comes to most people when they think of cannabis is that it is a hemp plant taken by stoners to get high – this is why it is important to understand how CBD oil for dog cancer works.

Most importantly, you need to understand that CBD oil is developed in a specific way to remove the psychoactive effects of THC compound. Thus, you don’t need to worry about getting high.

cbd oil for dogs cancer

The oil contains important cannabinoids with rich and therapeutic health benefits. However, not all the THC compound is removed, a little is left so the oil can work efficiently. Oils that have balanced CBD counters THC effect, so no stoned or woozy feeling.

How Your Pet Can Benefit from CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

You should consider the following benefits of using CBD oil for your pet if you want to give it a try.


  • It serves as a pain reliever. Unluckily, pain is one of the symptoms associated with cancer, especially if the tumor occurs in the stomach or legs. Our furry friends don’t have access to pain killers; the only thing they can do is show discomfort by whining and whimpering. One of the benefits of giving your pet CBD is that it offers substantial pain relief.
  • It reduces inflammation. CBD is also used in managing arthritis symptoms. Cancer in dogs also displays such symptoms, so the oil can reduce inflammation and also offer comfort/pain relief.
  • Prevents growth of tumor. According to the research above, CBD promotes tumor cells to self-destruct, shrinking the tumors in the process. Giving CBD oil for dogs with cancer to your pet can prevent cancer or tumor from spreading to other parts of the body and possibly eliminate cancerous cells.
  • Boost appetite. Since our pets can’t really tell us how they feel, they may choose not to eat when suffering from a disease. When your pet refuses to eat for a day or two, having a low appetite may be normal. But in the case of cancer, they don’t feel hungry at all, which will eventually lead to fatigue and low immune function. You can increase your pet’s appetite by giving them CBD oil.
  • Treat insomnia. Besides human, pets also suffer from sleeping problems. One of the therapeutic properties of CBD oil for pets is that it can help your pet relax, increasing their strength to participate in their regular routine.

CBD Oil for Dogs Cancer - Dosage

It’s vital you pay attention to dosage when administering any medication to your pet, CBD included. The dosage of CBD you will give to your dog will vary depending on your pet’s condition. For CBD oils, you can administer between two to four drops of CBD oil two to four times per day. Dosage can also vary depending on the brand you are using. Your pet’s breed, size and condition can also influence dosage. To be on the safer side, it’s advisable you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when using the product.

For CBD capsules or treat, the dosage will also vary depending on the strength of each product. To get more information, let’s check out my CBD dosage guide.

What CBD Oil Is The Best for Dogs with Cancer?

You may have noticed there are different CBD products available, and you would be interested in knowing the best CBD oil for dogs with cancer. After using different CBD product, I strongly suggest you go for HolistaPet, their CBD oils especially.

If your dog is suffering for cancer, you can go for HolistaPet’s Pet CBD Tincture. This is a high-quality CBD oil, and it comes with dosage instructions or chats for pets suffering from cancer.

These oils offer quick relief from cancer symptoms when administered under the tongue. CBD pet tinctures are always 100% Non-GMO, Organic and Vegan

You can have a look at my comprehensive HolistaPet review if you want to know more about this company as well as my experience with their products.

CBD oil for dogs cancer

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